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Countries where the cryptocurrencies are banned: busted for Bitcoin

Very few of the leading states remain indifferent to the phenomenon of cryptocurrency. In this review you can learn about countries where Bitcoin is considered to be crossed over to the dark side

Books about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO

In this article we present newcomers as well as the latest editions of popular books. From a novice to an expert

Roger Ver to face court for changing in favor of Bitcoin Cash

In this material you can see who the plaintiff in the upcoming court trial is and why this person believes that investor Roger Ver had deliberately manipulated the viewers of one of the oldest sites about Bitcoin

ShariMt Gox’s Nobuaki Kobayashi transfers more bitcoins totalling to $140M

The trustee of the shady Mt Gox exchange which dramatically collapsed in the past has transferred more digital units of Bitcoin from the wallets under his control. Read what this means on Bitnewstoday.

Samsung explores blockchain for tracking global shipments

The South Korean company continues its Blockchain development, as well as a new platform. Learn more details about technology implementation in logistics from our report

Bitcoin’s 17M block mined, price returns to $9000

This material describes if there is a dependence between the 17-millionth block of Bitcoin and its latest return to $9000 after a local correction. See more about Bitcoin supply on Bitnewstoday