The Ecosystem

A comprehensive platform that features advanced functionalities.

The TechCoin

The basic unit of what holds the TechCoin ecosystem together is its own cryptocurrency called TechCoin (TCI). The TCI is a utility and fungible digital coin that aims to incorporate the best and most important security practices in the crypto space, in turn, making it a promising digital asset. With its own dedicated custom blockchain algorithm, the TCI is minable and can be used to exclusively access the platform’s decentralized marketplace.

The TechCoin Wallet

The TechCoin wallet provides a secure storage of both private and public keys as it interacts with various blockchains. Users can send funds to other TCI addresses and receive funds into their own wallet addresses in a fast, secure, and user-friendly interface. The TCI wallet can be seamlessly linked to TechCoin Deals so users can use it as a one-click payment gateway to send or receive payments for products sold.

The TechCoin Deals

The TechCoin Deals is a decentralized marketplace that exclusively caters to TCI holders. Verified users may buy, bid, or sell products in the platform. The movement of the TCI in the marketplace ensures the consistent supply and demand for the coin and contributes to increasing its worth, making the coin more practical and valuable.

The TechCoin Payment Solution

The TechCoin payment solution establishes crypto payments effortlessly. With our payment solution, users are able to take payments from anywhere in the world without hefty charges. The platform allows users to send and receive money to anyone across the globe.

The Custom TechCoin Blockchain

The entire TechCoin ecosystem runs on a unique algorithm called Quantumnode, which is a hybrid blockchain with simultaneous private and public access. This advanced technology offers faster speed and data synchronization, as well as a more reliable framework for all its users.

The Block Explorer

The TechCoin block explorer is a web-based explorer designed to track the details of individual transactions within the blockchain network. It is an efficient way to monitor the data within the blockchain, as they are stored in a way that is easily understandable and searchable. All the latest and past blocks are updated real-time and shows the most important transaction details, such as height, size, hash, and number of transactions.