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Invest, shop, and transfer money through the TechCoin platform.


Make the most out of your TCI through TC Exchange, a trading and investment platform designed to maximize your cryptocurrency experience.


Shop and find unique items at their lowest possible price in TechCoin’s decentralized marketplace. Sellers get to enjoy one-click sale proceeds transfer to their TechCoin wallet or local bank account, while shoppers and bidders get to choose from a huge variety of product collection and experience the convenience of online shopping like no other.


Send and receive payments all over the world without the ridiculous transaction fees. Perform cashless remote transactions or withdraw funds against fiat currencies, and ultimately experience limitless payment possibilities with TechCoin payment solution.

Build your cryptocurrency portfolio today. For queries and other concerns, talk to one of our team members.

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To all token holders

Important Updates

It is unfortunate for us to announce that we encounter a total of 200 cyber attacks on our system as we deployed our live cryptocurrency today. That means our security automatically locked all access and suspend other system functionalities) for the protection of our users and of our system. As the price of cryptocurrencies rises, technically, a cryptojacking attacker is taking advantage nowadays of this intangible digital currency and these kinds of attack are the primary concern in crypto space today. Clearly, this tragical matter of deep concern and we are working hard to debug this matter in the coming days. We apologized for this inconvenience that this has caused of delay of your tokens but rest assured that all operations around the platform will resume immediately, and users will also be notified once access is open.

We are grateful for your support and understanding for this matter.

The TechCoin Team