Since the introduction of cryptocurrency almost a decade ago, thousands of digital coins have been developed and brought in to the market. However, only a fraction of this number can be considered a wise and sustainable investment as tons of new cryptocurrencies and blockchain systems have been proven to run on unstable technology, making them predisposed to security hacks and other stability issues. This common limitation in most crypto technology is what TechCoin aims to address.

TechCoin believes that with the advancements of blockchain technology and other software, it is possible to create an extensive cryptocurrency ecosystem that is highly stable, secure, functional, and sustainable, most of all. Thus, its team of blockchain and IT solutions experts developed a unified platform where users can make the best out of their cryptocurrency experience without compromising security and usability.

Quantumnode sets it apart

TechCoin runs on a unique blockchain algorithm called Quantumnode, which makes the system capable of quick and secure transaction processing. It is, by far, one of the most scalable blockchain protocols ever developed as it is able to general an entire block in only about five (5) seconds.

Quantumnode also uses an advanced Artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which uses machine-learning algorithms to allow traders to optimize their digital investment. TechCoin’s AI power makes it easy for users to monitor the market and maximize their trading experience.

Guaranteed security

Thorough security is TechCoin’s top priority, thus, its developers made sure that this extensive platform is impenetrable by any security risks. TechCoin features some of the most intensive security measures to guarantee user protection, including Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) process, Know-Your-Customer (KYC) method, and mail ID encryption. These measures ensure that the platform is resistant to fraud and identity theft.